I’m a researcher by trade. For almost four years now, I’ve made my living by finding information for other people to sell.

When I experienced a health crisis, I began to research for myself, trying to find ways to lose weight and solve my health problems.

A little over six months later and almost 30 pounds lighter, I realized that I didn’t want to work for other people any more, but I still wanted to share my knowledge with those who could benefit from it.

Lill’s Weight Loss System is the result. Instead of selling information to people who sell it to other people, I’m selling it, myself, and at much lower prices.

I can’t promise that my weight loss system will make you thin or beautiful or give you a flat belly in 24 hours like the hyped-up diets making the rounds of the Net right now. (I know it won’t whiten your teeth.)

What I can tell you is that I lost weight following it and I believe that it can help most people lose weight too.

It’s simple to follow. It’s nutritious and healthy and very flexible. It’s not a diet. It’s a life system.

I intend to research other problems that make life difficult for people and create systems to solve them, too.

Life really is a lot easier when you have a system, and there’s a system for almost everything. You just have to do the research.