Click to Donate Redux


I used to click on these sites all the time, but then I got too busy. What with home schooling, internet marketing, researching and freelance writing, I had no time for clicking on anything that didn’t earn me money or give my daughter something to learn about. Since April of this year, when I made my “new year’s resolutions”, something I do on my birthday, I’ve been clicking again and here’s why: I want to do good. Not well. Good.

I have a good life with a family I love, a place to live where we can have pets and walk around in woods and fields. We’ve had our ups and downs and even some tragedies, but most of my life has been good. There’s no other word for it. I realize that I want other people to have good lives, and I know that many people are struggling just to stay alive. So, I donate to several worthy causes and I click. Daily. No more excuses.

If the Depression recession has you thinking that you’re going to have to stop donating to the local food pantry and start making withdrawals from it, click instead. If you’re shopping at Goodwill instead of donating to them, you can still click so that other people will have a warm coat or a hot meal this winter. Click to save baby seals. Click to provide medical care to kids who might not grow up unless we help them. Click to save the rainforest or whatever else is important to you.

My daughter’s favorite site is Free Rice where you answer questions on Art, Vocabulary, Chemistry, Languages, Math and Geometry to donate rice. You can watch a video of the rice being distributed and find out where the rice you earn is going to. If you’re home schooling kids, this is a great site to have them start the day with. What’s better than learning something, helping someone else and having a good time doing it?

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I’ve added some links to “click to donate sites” on my sidebar and will add more as I find them. I suggest that you start with The Hunger Site or Care2.com because both sites have links to other “click to donate” sites. Another way you can help is by joining me at Social Vibe, where you can find out how to “get social” while you help others.

I’m always telling my kids, “We’re all in this life together. Why not do some good while we’re here?”

Well, we’re all on the Net together, so why not do some good while we’re here too.

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