Cool Green Sites for Kids and One for Parents

Cool Green Sites for Kids and One for Parents

Kids and nature go together. Even in this day of video games and high-tech toys, you can still find kids outside watching clouds, climbing trees and making believe they’re tigers in the grass. But when a summer shower or the hot sun brings them inside, here’s a neat website they can visit.

Big Green Help is Nickelodeon’s contribution to green sites for kids. Here, kids can help basketball star LeBron James spread green tips around the world in a bike-a-thon game or play another game called Polar Bear Bounce with the Barenaked Brothers Band. (It’s G-rated, honest.)

Like its main site, this Nick site is kid-friendly and kid-safe. The folks at Nick know how to engage kids’ interest and teach without tedium. So, when Spongebob and his friends in Bikini Bottom show kids why recycling is a good idea, it’s fun. (Unlike when Mom tells them to pick up their soda bottle and throw it in the recycling bin.)

Privacy is protected as it is on the other Nick sites, which is reassuring. Yes, there are ads, like there are on almost all kid sites, but they’re for other Nick “products” and not too obtrusive. I tend to think that the kids will be more intrigued by the games, quizzes and stars who do a very good job of getting the environmental message across to the generation that’s going to be in charge of the earth in a few short years.

And here’s a site for parents where they can read one of the best environmental newsletters on the Net, Rachel’s News. Not only is it concerned with sustainable living and other environmental issues, Rachel’s News and the Environmental Research Foundation ties that in with peace and justice issues. To quote them, “We at Rachel’s News envision a day when society first asks, “How can we achieve prosperity while minimizing harm to people and the environment?” It’s that simple, but it’s a profound shift.”

Indeed, it is, but it’s one that I believe we HAVE to make if we’re going to survive and thrive.

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