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Easy and Healthy Banana Cake Recipe from Ray Collins

I love Ray Collin’s “Good Life Letter“. His health information is spot on and he delivers it in a style that always makes me smile as I learn the latest way to live a healthier, happier life. He lives in England with his wife and 3 children and is the author of 3 books which should be on everyone’s bookshelf. His latest, The Spice Healer, is a fount of information that tells you how to add years to your life with simple cooking spices. It includes 30 recipes for everything from tea to pizza too.

I don’t know if this recipe is in The Spice Healer, but I know that it’s tasty and very easy to make. If you like, you can make it as 12 medium sized cupcakes instead, or even a loaf cake. Frost it with cream cheese frosting. Glaze it with a simple vanilla glaze, serve it with yogurt or just eat it by the slice. It’s all good.   In the newsletter with this recipe, he also managed to work in his grandmother’s knickers, marshmallows and a game called fox and hounds, but if you want to read about any of that, you’ll have to go to his site and read the newsletter. Here’s the recipe:

Banana Cake from Ray Collins

(Ray didn’t specify a cooking temperature, but I found that 350 worked just fine.)

Bananas are such a versatile and practical
ingredient, plus they are naturally sweet. Make a
banana cake by mixing 2 mashed bananas, 2
tablespoons of Manuka honey, 2 eggs, a few
chopped nuts (pecan, hazelnut or walnuts) and a
little melted butter. Then add it to 2 cups of flour
and a teaspoon of baking powder and the same of
baking soda. Bake for half an hour in a hot oven
and eat with natural yoghurt.

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