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Easy Non-Toxic Air Freshener and Play Clay

Homemade Gelatin Air Fresheners

My kids really enjoyed making these and giving them to friends and family. Everyone we gave them to was thrilled with their gift and asked for refills throughout the year. So be prepared for future requests or, better yet, include the recipe on the jar or glass.

We usually double the recipe to make a quart and then pour it into pretty 4 oz jars that we get at the dollar store or yard sales.Votive candle holders, little vases, juice glasses and even little bowls work well. Just make sure that they’re clear if you’re adding color to your gel. You can even get fancy and use the smallest fishbowl you can find, let the gelatin set somewhat and add tiny toy fish, plastic plants or pretty stones. Use your imagination, but just remember that the gel is going to dissolve eventually and won’t be propping up whatever you add to the jar.

Non-Toxic Gel Air Freshener
2 Cups of Water
4 pkgs of unflavored gelatin
large pkg of DIET flavored gelatin
20 drops of essential oil
1 Tbsp Salt or Vodka (keeps it from getting moldy)

Optional-Food coloring for unflavored gelatin

Heat the water to boiling. Stir in the gelatin and remove it from the stove. Add the other cup of water and stir thoroughly. This is important because you don’t want lumps in your gelatin. Add the essential oil. If you’re adding coloring, add it now. Pour into decorative containers and cool until firmly set. (If you put them into your fridge uncovered, your fridge will smell like the essential oil. This might not work if you’ve used something very strong.)

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Non-Toxic Play Dough
1 Cup Water
1 Cup Flour
1 Tbsp Oil
1/2 cup Salt
2 tsps Cream of Tartar
1 regular pkg DIET flavored gelatin

Combine and mix all ingredients, then knead with your hands. You may want to sprinkle flour on your hands first. When smooth and dry, put it into plastic bags and close tightly. This will keep for up to six months. You can use it to make ornaments. Roll out the dough and then cut it with cookie cutters. Put a hole in the top with a straw and let them dry. Thread a ribbon or ornament hanger through the hole and hang them on the tree. This dough can almost be painted.

Some ideas: Use powdered ice tea mix and add some ginger to make brown “gingerbread” people ornaments. Because of the salt, this shouldn’t be eaten, although it’s technically non-toxic. Too much salt can cause nausea, especially in kids.

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