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Simple, Scrumptious Sauteed Desserts

Simple, Scrumptious Sauteed Desserts

If, like me, you believe that desserts are one of the basic food groups, but have been avoiding them to lose weight, this post is for you. Usually, when we think of dessert, we think of baked goods like cakes, cupcakes and pies. Or we think of the gooey, chemical-laden sweet poison that restaurants have conned us into thinking are worth the astronomical prices they charge for them. It doesn’t have to be like that, trust me.

Forget all that, get your sautee or frying pan out and whip up a dessert that doesn’t even really take a recipe, although I’ll give you a couple anyway.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Sauteed FRUIT? What the heck kind of dessert is that?” Well, it’s a pretty darned good dessert and it’s also really easy to personalize to your own tastes. You can pick the fruit or fruits, pick the spices, the flavorings and the topping, if you want one. You can serve it plain or with whipped cream or ice cream. (A small spritz of canned whipped topping won’t blow your calorie budget for the day and it is possible to get brands that don’t have too many horrible things in them.)

Sauteed fruit goes well with a lot of things like plain-ish cookies – think tea biscuit type cookies – or even plain baking powder biscuits, the kind you use for strawberry shortcake. I make my biscuits with lowfat, organic baking mix and put a pinch of cinnamon in them if I’m going to serve them with fruit. So, you’re saying, when do we get to the “how-to” part of this whole thing? Well, you can just slice some fruit, put a couple of pats of butter in a pan (or use cooking oil spray if you’d rather), heat the pan to medium, throw the fruit in and stir it as it softens and the juices start to bubble. Turn it down and let it simmer, stirring almost constantly so that it doesn’t burn. Add a little sweetener, if you like – but you won’t need much for most fruits. Add some oats – toasted or not. Coconut – ditto. Nuts or whatever you have on hand that you think will enhance the flavor of the fruit you’re using.

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Or, you can use this Recipe for Sauteed Organic Washington Peaches from the folks at the PCC Natural Markets in Seattle. I’m sure you could substitute other fruit for peaches in this recipe also. One of our favorite desserts is Sauteed Apples with wild blueberries and real maple syrup. Organic Apples and blueberries are available at our local farmer’s market, so we get them when they’re in season, eat some and freeze some. We’re lucky to have friends who produce maple syrup from trees that aren’t sprayed, so we have good maple syrup too.

Simple they may be, but I’d stack Sauteed Fruit Desserts up beside any of the fancy-shmancy desserts at the big chain restaurants. And then I’d eat them before someone else got wise to how good they are.

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