Two Great Green Mamas

A wise woman once said something to me that makes a lot of sense. She said if you have something critical to say about someone, you should always sleep on it and see if you feel the same way the next morning. But, she told me, if you have something nice to say, say it right away so that you don’t forget or get sidetracked.

I have something nice to say about two people whose blogs have taught me a lot. Kathy at Safe Mama and Karen at Best of Mother Earth. I subscribe to both of their blogs and they’re two of the few blogs that I always read. (Another one is Bore Me To Tears.)

Yesterday, Kathy’s blog had a very important post on 1,4-Dioxane in Organic Body Care Products. If you haven’t read it, please do for your sake and your family’s sake. Thanks to this post, I’ll be making some big changes in the products I buy, because some of my longtime favorites were on the list.

And then there’s Karen’s blog, where I learned that there’s nitrate-free brisket for St. Patrick’s Day corned beef dinner. Where I’ve found recommendations for so many things that have become staples at our house and where I’ve laughed out loud at her humor and upbeat outlook on life.  It’s like reading a friend’s journal.

So, thanks, you two, for blogging about things that you care about and please don’t stop. And now I need to go check the bathrooms for unsafe personal care products and  then rummage through the food cupboards to make sure I have everything I need for making corned beef hash from the leftover brisket.

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