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Xeno(estrogen) Phobia


Every day, most of us unwittingly put toxic substances into our body. These substances – xenoestrogens – increase our risk of everything from obesity to cancer. They’re in our food, our water and our personal care products. They’re even in the washer, so while you’re washing out the dirt, you’re washing IN toxins that are worse than any mud stain you’ve ever encountered. No one ever died from a grass stain, but people die from the effects of xenoestrogens in increasing numbers.

They also get fat. Xenoestrogens, which mimic the natural estrogen that our body needs and produces in appropriate amounts, increase belly fat. For this reason, alone, even without the extra risk of cancer and reproductive system problems, it would be a good idea if we could avoid them.

Unfortunately, that’s very hard to do. They’re in plastic, pesticides, animal feed, dish and laundry detergent and too many of the lotions, potions and cleansers we pour onto our skin every day.

When we eat xenoestrogens, they go through our liver, as it tries to detoxify them and eliminate them from our bodies. Our livers know what’s good for us and what’s bad and it valiantly tries to get rid of the bad stuff. It does a pretty good job and may eliminate up to 90% of xenoestrogens. But the other 10% gets into our system.

When we apply xenoestrogens to our skin though, they go into our bloodstream without going through the liver at all. That’s why we get 10 times as high a dose as when we ingest them. So, pour some dandruff or body shampoo on your hair and it goes right to your scalp and into your bloodstream. Because almost all commercial, non-organic shampoos – even the so-called “natural ones” contain xenoestrogens, there’s a pretty good chance that you got some along with the nice shiny body the shampoo promised you.

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What to do? Well, there are a lot of things you can do to avoid this fat-increasing, cancer causing menace. Stop storing, freezing, cooking, eating or microwaving food in plastic. As much as possible, use alternatives to plastic. Glass or ceramic is the best choice.

Eat organic. This avoids pesticides, herbicides and the xenoestrogens in animal feed that gets into your steaks, chicken breasts and eggs. Also avoid using pesticides or herbicides at home. Buy personal care products that are certified organic by the USDA. Ditto for detergent for dishes and clothes. Avoid caffeine, because it raises estrogen levels in the body, which can contribute to the effect of xenoestrogens.

The best way to minimize damage from the chemicals and harmful substances in our food supply and in what comes in contact with our bodies, is by being very aware of what’s in them. Read labels. Research before you buy. Most of all, realize that it’s your responsiblility to do as much as you can to avoid what makes you fat and sick.

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